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Cost of living crisis: Fun things to do - that don't cost the earth!

Due to the current cost of living crisis, we are aware that many parents will be finding it difficult to balance having activities to do with your children, while trying to stick to a budget. Hopefully, this article will help inspire some activities for you, and please leave a comment below of other ideas you have, so we can create a thread of suggestions.

The National Trust has an incredible article on this entitled

‘50 things to do before you're 11¾ - Have fun exploring nature and the great outdoors - which can be found at

This article provides many great free activities, such as

  • Having a picnic in the wild

  • Set up a snail race

  • Hunt for fossils

  • Go stargazing or cloud watching

  • Discover what's in a pond

  • Make a home for wildlife

  • Go on a scavenger hunt

and much much more!

Our Ducklings Blog is also full of fun things to do that are either free or require minimal items which you may already own. Just a few of these activities are;

If you need even more advice, please check out the 'Activities' tab on our website

We hope that these articles and resources have helped! Perhaps the activities will include making an indoor den, or an at-home cinema where you can even print off movie tickets or get your children to design them. At the cinema, you could even buy popcorn, and place duvets down - it's all down to what your budget allows.

If your children prefer to be outdoors, try to make a whole day of it! Pack some snacks for a mid-day picnic, some hot chocolate for the afternoons, and torches for your evening walk while trying to find owls.

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