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Growing together - Preschool gardening

Children get great enjoyment from being outdoors! Planting and growing plants not only improves their motor skills, but improves their creativity, their curiosity, and their understanding of knowledge and nature. At Ducklings, we do everything we can to get your children outside daily, while also educating them on their surroundings. From visiting allotments to making bird seed feeders, or even growing their own plants at preschool!

At Ducklings, we believe that school gardening could be the start of a lifelong passion for nature for children, and we hope it's a passion you can continue at home throughout 2023!

So, whether that means going on more family walks together, or growing a kitchen herb garden, or something else entirely! Every little bit will help. If you believe Ducklings can do more to help boost your child's interest in nature and the outdoors, please let us know! We'd love to hear it and take it onboard throughout 2023!


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