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Rain, Rain, Go Away

It's been difficult enough entertaining our little ones during the pandemic, and adding a rainy day into the equation can make it feel impossible to keep them happy and having fun. Thankfully, things are slowly starting to change for everyone, but a drizzly day still feels like it leaves us with little choice,

so here are some fun ideas to keep everyone entertained at home!

Bring the outdoors to you

Just because you're stuck indoors doesn't mean you have to feel like you're indoors. Make a den out of blankets and cushions, or even throw a pop-up tent up, and decorate accordingly to create a fun space to relax or play.

Some creative additions,

  • Add fairy lights to create your own starry night sky

  • Use a tablet/device to find a video of a campfire for that authentic camping experience!

Older children can help to set up the area, giving them the chance to get thinking and problem-solving (“Why does this blanket keep falling?” “How can we fix that?”)

Shake out that energy

Being cooped up inside can lead to lots of pent up energy, so let them release it with some fun exercises. Keeping the focus on fun will allow children to stay engaged and active without it feeling like a chore. Here are some ideas:

Animal madness - hop like a frog, stomp like an elephant, waddle like a penguin. Think of a wide variety of animals and how they would move. Bonus points for making the noises!

Follow me - take turns to be the leader and show off your best dance moves that everyone has to copy. Add jumps or stomps or squats to really get active.

Make a mess!

Sorry in advance to the grown-ups! Getting mucky and making a mess is always the best idea of fun for children, so embrace it and let them explore and experience the sensations of different things.

You could lay out some towels and let your babies splash about in water and bubbles.

Or create some artwork as a family by taping paper to the floor and use paints (and who needs brushes when you have fingers and hands!)

There’s always something to do to keep everyone entertained, and hopefully, some of these ideas will inspire you to make the most of those rainy days!

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