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National Love a Tree Day

Take your kids on a nature walk on National Tree day

Calling all big and little tree huggers! Today is a special day because it's National Tree day. On this day, trees are recognised and celebrated for the wonderful gift they are to us. Trees have so many benefits — they provide us with lumber, food, nuts, oxygen to breathe, home for wildlife, and much more! What better way to appreciate this day than to take your kids on a nature walk!

There is so much to discover in the woodlands! From down below, squirrels run through the grass, frogs relax by a pond, and mushrooms grow in the grass and up above like great big trees, reaching the skies, like the Copparded beech tree! Or even the chirping tree sparrow, sitting on a branch! The opportunities to learn about the forest ecosystem are truly endless.

Here are some things to take with you before you embark on your walk!

  1. A Camera: Frame their adventures! Encourage your children to take pictures of any interesting things they discover, could be an animal or a beautiful wildflower.

  2. A pair of binoculars: Get your children to put on the binoculars to see things further away in the park or forest. Who knows what your kids will spot?

  3. A white crayon: In true Hansel and Gretel's style, get your children to mark little symbols on trees as they walk deeper in the forest with you. Tree marking will allow the opportunity for your kids to train their memory, recall and problem-solving skills, essential for their future.

  4. An explorer hat: Kids love to dress up! If you have any old explorer hats lying around the house, bring them along and get the kids to wear them! Tell them these are extraordinary hats explorers wear when they go into the wild.

  5. A notebook and a pen: Who doesn't love a little art lesson in the wild? Get your kids to draw what they can see around them! It may be a cool looking part of the forest. Ask your kid to describe what you can see.

  6. Take some nuts: Help your kids feed the squirrels! Make sure to take unsweetened nuts like walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds. They will love it!

  7. Take a picnic blanket: In case your kids get a little tired and need a little rest, take a picnic blanket with you. You can also take some sandwiches for lunch or some fruits for a quick snack.

  8. Grab a plastic bag to collect conkers: Get the kids to collect conkers! After you get home, you can wash them, paint them, and decorate them and hang them up!

  9. Take a magnifying glass: Get your kids to inspect for themselves interesting things like insects, leaves, or flowers with a magnifying glass!

  10. Take a smile with you: Be ready for adventure, be prepared for anything! Kids are very impressionable. If you smile, they will too! A smile makes everything better, and even if the weather isn't great, your mood can be!

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