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Several ways Ducklings is reducing its carbon footprint

We’re passionate about making the world a better place for future generations. By changing our habits, we’re reducing carbon emissions at Ducklings daily.

Teaching your children about their environment and how they can contribute to its upkeep, will help them to develop their own sense of responsibility when it comes to protecting their future surroundings -

So what changes have we made, and continue to make?

  1. We ensure our appliances are in good working condition and are energy efficient. From the light fixtures to equipment and toys, to our boilers. Whatever we can do to help, we do.

  2. We appreciate the Environment, and teach the children to do so too! We grow vegetables and plants to educate the children on how plants grow, we compost food scraps and garden waste and visit local allotments whenever possible. We also provide a free resource parents and/or carers can use while at home - Ducklings Gardeners. This is our way to promote a continuation of learning about the environment at home.

  3. We’re reducing paper printing across all sites, to help reduce our environmental footprint.

  4. We recycle items properly and aim to repair/reuse items that can be repurposed in other ways!

  5. We focus on exposing the children to nature, so we go on nature walks no matter the weather.

  6. Water conservation is vital. Rain collection tools are used for gardening, broken taps are immediately fixed, and children are taught the proper way of flushing toilets and washing hands to avoid wasting water.

If you have any future ideas on ways we can keep improving and protecting the environment please contact us!

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