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How to celebrate Earth Day 2021 during lockdown

Earth Day is finally here!

On the 22nd of April let’s show our support for environmental protection at Home! provides a full day of content to stream online at: So instead of throwing on the TV or loading up Netflix, why not stream these fantastic events and learn more about the Environment and their protection!

On April 22nd - Several different topics will be discussed:

  • Climate and environmental literacy

  • Climate restoration technologies

  • Reforestation efforts

  • Regenerative agriculture

  • Equity and environmental justice

  • Citizen science

  • Clean-ups and more All of these topics will be discussed through various workshops, panels, and live discussions!

But what if you fancy getting more hands on to celebrate Earth Day? Here are our Ducklings recommended activities to do at home!

  • Ducklings Gardeners is our resource where we upload fantastic gardening opportunities which can be done regardless of the time of year! These activities range from: Building a pond in a pot, making a bee hotel, making a bug hotel, making a bird bath, along with educational resources like flashcards and eco-warrior schemes. These can all be found here:

  • The Milton Keynes Council has published several Craft Activity Ideas: There you will find ideas like: Earth Day eco wreath, cardboard bunting, paper collage, plastic bottle top mosaic, milk bottle elephants, bottle top cards, book mouse, and box puppet theatre!

  • Fancy getting creative? - Why not paint a plant pot and plant some seeds in it with your children?

  • Want to upcycle your rubbish? Turn used wine bottles into flower pots, and wine corks into tiny pots for some succulent plants? or use old toilet rolls to be organisers

  • If you love baking why not make an Earth shaped cake, or Earth themed biscuits!

  • Fancy bringing in some fresh herbs into the kitchen? Simply take fresh herbs from your local store and place them in water, and watch the roots grow within a week! This can be really educational, as well as delicious so I highly recommend doing this simple trick! More information on this can be found here:

The options are endless! Look online, and comment below if you have any great ideas you’d love to share

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