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Ducklings Gardeners

Ducklings Gardeners projects engage all sorts of senses and help children to develop and recognise them without even realising. Being exposed to new textures like soil, flowers, seeds, and petals, these hands-on experiences are learning opportunities that also increase their environmental awareness and teaches nutrition by making the connection between growing foods and the importance of a good diet. 
We aim to teach our children and the future generation to be environmentally aware. 

Articles - Research on why gardening is so key, especially for children! 

Projects - Fancy introducing gardening at home and you don't know where to start? Or you already are and you want new ideas of what to do? Check these amazing project ideas out.

Activities - Want to continue and test your learning at home? Use these tasks to further your child knowledge at home.

Great article discussing the importance and benefits found through gardening. Give it a read here: click here.

Boy gardening

Article: Ducklings Allotment visits

Ducklings loves to visit our community allotment at Shenley Brook End. Not only do the children love to be outdoors and see all the nature, they also love getting their hands muddy helping out in growing the fruits and vegetables, and they love the storytimes there. If you'd love to see some Ducklings Staff reading popular stories at the allotment click here.

Ducklings reading in the allotment
ducklings vegetable patch
children exploring the ducklings allotment

Project: Build a Bug House

Building a bug house only requires an open-fronted box – the rest is found in your garden already! Twigs, pine cones, stones, broken pots, cardboard toilet rolls, drilled pieces of wood, dried grass, old bricks, the options are endless, and will help attract ladybirds, butterflies, woodlice, solitary bees, dragon flys, and if you're lucky, the occasional toad, mouse, or hedgehog! 

Girl looking at a Bug House

Project: Build a pond in a pot

Building a pond in a pot is super simple and requires little effort to maintain if done correctly! Get a large, shallow container with no drainage holes, and add a selection of pond and marginal plants, plus an oxygenator to help keep the water clear and odourless. Once set up, move the pond pot in a slightly shaded area, avoid full sunlight, and top up with water whenever needed. 
There pot ponds will help attract birds, insects, and other forms of wildlife, while also being a ton of fun to build for kids who love getting wet and muddy.
For complete instructions click here.

Pond in a pot activity

Project: Make Fat Cakes for birds

Birds love fat cakes, as they give them energy and help keep them warm.

and these feeding balls don't need to be shop bought; you can use all sorts of kitchen scraps such as cheese, dried fruits, and dry porridge oats. Just mix with melted lard or suet in old yogurt containers with a string, and set in the fridge overnight.
For more instructions click here.

Fat cakes for birds

Project: Make a Bee Hotel

Offer solitary bees five-star accommodation with an easy-to-make bee hotel! Use anything for the frame - an wooden box or an old bird house for example, so uncycle it to become a home for solitary bees which help pollinate local plants! Full the frame with brown paper, pencils, bamboo canes, plant stems, drilled pieces of hardwood or logs, and let the bees move in!

For more instructions, click here.

Bee hotel

Project: Make a Bird Bath

Birds need water for many more reasons than just hydration. In the winter, birds will bathe to clean their feathers so they can fly further, and in the summer, birds will use water to help cool themselves down. All you need is a terracotta pot and saucer, and all-purpose glue and you're good to go! Simply flip the pot upside down, and glue the saucer on top of it (like in the photo below). Add in some rocks for small birds to land on, and top up with water whenever required! For more ideas click here.

Bird Bath activity
Nature Scavenger Hunt
Nature Scavenger Hunt
Nature Scavenger Hunt

Activity: What I See Outside Flashcards

Learning doesn't just happen at school, why not print off these flashcards and use them at home to further learn about the environment and nature! 
Download them here

Things We See Outside Flashcard
Things We See Outside Flashcard

Activity: Animals around me Flashcards

Learning doesn't just happen at school, why not print off these flashcards and use them at home to further learn about the environment and nature! 
Download them here

Animals around me Flashcard Sheet
Animals around me Flashcard Sheet

"Eco-Warriors is an environmental scheme designed to encourage MK schools, staff and children to recycle more and raise awareness of environmental issues, such as reducing single-use plastics and water consumption."
Find out more information here

Eco Warrior Logo

Earth Day is right around the corner, so on the 22nd of April let's show our support for environmental protection at Home! 
The MK Council Recycling have created an 'eco promise wreath' craft sheet for children of all ages. Find this and more eco-friendly activities on both this Ducklings Gardeners page, and the MK Council website:

MK Council Earth Day Wreath Activity
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