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How to Apply for a Blue Peter Green Badge!

Firstly, we would like to mention this is only given to children aged between 5-15 years old! Please keep this in mind before you download and apply for your child's badge - however, even if your child is too young - introducing your child to nature and the environment at any age will be beneficial!

Ducklings provides a ton of free digital resources; from activities to worksheets, on our website which can be found here; - here you can download free scavenger hunt sheets, nature flashcards, as well as a ton of projects you and your child can participate in at home!

So regardless of your child's age, if they are too young to apply for this badge, they can still participate by getting messy outside!

Blue Peter Green Badge

If your child is old enough and wishes to earn their very own Blue Peter Green Badge, please click on the link below to download their application form!

To earn this badge you need to;

- Answer Blue Peter's sustainability questions - Send in a photo or video of yourself taking part of a green activity (planting some seeds, composting, making a bug hotel, topping gup a bird bath etc. Check out our Ducklings Gardeners tab mentioned previously in this article for more ideas!) - If you are creative too, feel free to send in some environmentally inspired artwork instead!

Best of luck, and happy exploration, from Ducklings!

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