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About Us

Your Child Is In Great Hands.
MK Inspiring School Winner of 2022-2023

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At Ducklings we strive to create a loving, caring atmosphere in a safe and friendly environment

We strive to support all children to enable them to achieve their best. In order to do this many steps are taken to support them through their learning journeys, and on occasions, for some children, further positive support may be needed to help achieve their full potential.
Furthermore, Ducklings is proud to announce that each of our sites has a named SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator), as well as TWO company SENCO Managers, Jade and Bekki, who further support all the sites. Together, these Coordinators and Managers play vital roles in supporting to ensure that a child’s individual needs are met.

Laying down the foundation for a solid education for more than 23 years

Since founded back in 2000; Ducklings  values  children and their parents/carers. We acknowledge that parents and/or carers are the first educators of children, therefore we prioritise working in partnership with parents and/carers.
This strong bond is paramount to children’s learning and development, we achieve this through face to face updates, regular updates of observations on EyLog, up to date newsletters, fun Stay and Play sessions where parents and carers can enjoy time at Ducklings  playing for the day, along with various fundraising events, and a wide variety of celebrations throughout the year. 

We are also proud to introduce Ducklings Activities, on our website: Ducklings Artists, Ducklings Chefs, Ducklings Gardeners, and Ducklings Readers, which provides you with free easy access to fun and interactive activities you can enjoy with your children at home. Feel free to check this out, as the activities are frequently updated! 

Ducklings Preschool Nature Walk
Tuff Tray at Ducklings Preschool

Our future aims

At Ducklings we care about your child. We are focused on making sure  transitions to school go as smoothly as possible!


Each site works closely with local schools to ensure all relevant transition supporting documents are completed and relayed to the school of your choice to ensure a positive transition. Where possible, the school Teachers are encouraged to visit the setting and meet the children. 

Why Choose Ducklings Preschool?

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