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Ducklings Chefs

Ducklings Mini Chefs is our program aimed to teach children essential motor skills used within the kitchen and throughout life. On this page, you'll find the Ducklings Mini Chefs project we've completed at Ducklings, along with various other recipes to try out at home! 

Ducklings Mini Chefs is an amazing project we're proud of at Ducklings. We spend sessions teaching the children kitchen basics, while it also improved their motor skills development! Find attached a few recipes we've completed at Ducklings, and try them out at home! 
If you'd love for your child to take part in Ducklings Mini Chef's please contact us so we can provide you with more information too.

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Children cooking together, decorating pizzas
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Looking for some more recipe ideas? Look no further! Cbeebies provides amazing recipes, for all age ranges, so check this out and try some at home.

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Learning doesn't just happen at school, why not print off these flashcards and use them at home to further learn about cooking and food! Download them here.

Food Flashcard Sheet 1
Food Flashcard Sheet 2
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