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Ways to appeal to your child's unique imagination

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited imagination encircles the world. - Albert Einstein

Creativity lives in the heart of every child, and we are all responsible for empowering kids with the tools they need to learn more about themselves and become more confident in their abilities approaching the first years of school!

So, parents and teachers need to work with every child to cultivate their imagination throughout their early lives. Every child is different and unique in their own way. For example, one may be interested in painting pictures. Another child may be interested in building things out of Lego blocks, whilst the third child may be drawn to counting and naming different shapes. Each child is talented in their way and should not feel limited by their peers in any way.

Instead, we can help embrace each child's unique abilities through activities that involve an aspect of play. A recent study at Harvard Graduate School of Education discovered that educators could find meaningful learning opportunities through engaging in play. Learning through play can advance students' academic and social skills. These skills will allow them to thrive in adulthood and enjoy their childhood now, according to researchers from Project Zero, a research centre at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Moreover, project Zero researchers concluded, "there is a universality to play: children are often more relaxed and engaged during play, and it's enjoyable — all aspects that facilitate learning. But there are also cultural specifications to what play looks like when it's appropriate, and who children play with."

From these new highlights, we can take away that creative, relaxing environments make learning more accessible, engaging and fun! Furthermore, these highlights shed light on how creativity is so important to everyone, no matter how small!

Below are some ways to get creative with your child by following their creative instincts, whatever they may be! Below are ways to engage your child creatively, depending on their unique interests.

If they love singing:

If you spot your child always singing repeatedly or bashing objects together to make sounds, then it may be that your child loves music and is a little musician! You can foster their passion and create a new song together about the summer since it's just around the corner!

Here are some tips for creating a song with your kids:

• Make sure the verses rhyme: Poetry is catchy, and it is proven to help aid learning memory!

• Keep the melody and words simple: Children can easily add new words to the song.

• Read children's books: They are full rhymes to inspire your child creativity!

If they love drawing:

If they love drawing, painting, or any other artmaking, it may be that your child loves art and is a little artist! To foster your child's love for art, you can help your child explore their creativity by setting some time out of your day to do a little creative activity with them. For example, you can ask your child to paint what they most love about the summer on a white sheet of paper. Make this activity even more enjoyable by following our suggestions below.

Here's what you can use for this activity:

• Acrylic paints/ watercolour: They create bright and summery colours!

• Coloured tissue paper: Summer colours like pink, yellow, green, and blue are perfect.

• Pasta or rice: Adds cool textures to bring your painting to life!

• Strips of clothing: You can pick be shiny, silky, soft, or briskly to add exciting patterns.

If they love numbers:

If you see your child always loves counting objects around and naming shapes, it may be that your child loves maths and is a little mathematician! To foster your child's imagination, you can get your child to embrace their imagination by setting some time in your day to do a little numerical activity. For example, you could get your child to make a giant, colourful castle out of magnet blocks and then naming it!

Here are some ways to engage your child during the activity:

• Ask questions about the shapes your child can see: This will get your child to think about the smaller blocks forming into bigger shapes.

• Ask questions about the colours your child can see: See if your child can identify the colours and name them.

• Encourage your child to count the blocks together: Get your child to use their numerical skills to count the blocks together.

If they love writing:

Do you see your child constantly asking you to read a book for them? Do they show interest in holding pens and scribbling? It may be that your child is a little writer. To encourage and promote your child's love of reading and writing, you can get your child to write a little three verse poem called a Haiku. You can get your child to write a Haiku about what they love about the summer.

Here are some ways to engage your child's analytical mind during the activity:

• Take a walk with your child and get them to note down everything they can see: This will give them inspiration for their poem

• Ask your child their favourite activities about the summer: See what the child comes up with first before giving suggestions

•After the child finishes their poem, get them to read it aloud: Children love praise! Give some encouraging feedback. It will grow their writing confidence.

Please feel free to comment below on any tips/tricks you use to promote imagination at home!

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