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Toddler Valentine Crafts

Valentine's Day is a wonderful time to show love to your loved ones. Your children may wish to get involved, so please read this blog to get inspired for activities to perform together!

Our Valentine's Worksheet Booklet

Ducklings have created an EYFS-friendly worksheet booklet that is Valentine's Day themed! Be sure to download and print off your own copy of this by clicking the button below,

Valentines Booklet Download
Download PDF • 393KB

Hand Painted Heart Art

Things you’ll need: Acrylic Paint (two or more colours) Foam brushes White or light cardstock Fine point pen

Things to do: 1. You’ll need two hands per heart, so firstly wash and dry your hands. 2. Spread a thin layer of paint on one hand and press it down on the paper at an angle, fingers together.

3. Allow the handprint to dry and then layer the other hand on top to form a heart

4. When both prints are dry, use a pen to add a message, either around the heart or at the bottom and frame.

You could even turn this artwork into a valentines card! Simply cut out this art, stick it onto a folded piece of cardstock, and write a message inside.

Card Heart Sign

(Photo Source:

Things you’ll need: Acrylic Paint (two or more colours) Paint Brushes


Sellotape White or light cardstock Fine point pen

Things to do: 1. First, trace out hearts (One large and one small) a leaf and a flower stem.

2. Use paint and decorate each part - either similar to the picture above or get creative.

3. Once the paint has dried, stick all the pieces together to form a heart flower.

4. Take a pen and write a message.

5. Repeat as many times as you'd like.

We love this idea, especially if you and your children bake a cake for Valentine's. Simply add these heart roses to your baked goods, and now you have a Valentine's cake!

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