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How to teach your child the importance of giving back

It’s never too early to teach your children the importance of giving back! Giving back to the community enriches your life, familiarises you with your community, and connects you with people and ideas that will positively impact your perspective for the rest of your life.

Helping your community is an opportunity for you to grow as a person, to better understand how you fit into the world around you. - Madeline Ames,

Parents have to teach their children a lot, and we believe that giving back helps teach them generosity and compassion.

So here is our Ducklings guide on ways you can give back to your community today!

  1. Donating unused and unwanted toys

  2. Donating books to local businesses and hospitals

  3. Donating clothes There are other ways to give back without donating things too

  4. Make ‘Get Well’ cards for hospital residents, care homes, or for anyone in the community who’s suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic

  5. Make ‘Thank You’ cards for local servicemen and workers who have worked tirelessly throughout this pandemic - Emergency services, teachers and educators, postmen and women, the options are endless.

  6. Hold a collection drive

  7. Do a fundraiser for a local charity - Run a 5K, Do a bake sale, organise a food drive are just a few examples, the options are endless

  8. Plant some native flowers or a tree to give back and boost your local environment and wildlife.

  9. Support local small businesses

  10. If possible, why not donate an animal in need for a loving home! Or buy pet food and donate to local animal shelters that desperately need help.

These are just a few suggestions we have, but there are plenty more online if you’re looking for some more ideas. So go out there, and give back to your community this week with your child.

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