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How to celebrate National Creativity Day with your children

Did you know that today, the 30th of May is the National Creativity Day? On this day, the big and small celebrate the power of creativity in our world.

Creativity lives everywhere – in the hearts of painters, musicians, filmmakers, writers, teachers and even mathematicians! Albert Einstein says, I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination "imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

A recent study at Harvard Graduate School of Education discovered that educators could find meaningful learning opportunities through engaging in play. Learning through play it can advance students' academic and social skills. These skills will allow them to thrive in adulthood and enjoy their childhood now, according to researchers from Project Zero, a research centre at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Project Zero researchers concluded that: "There is a universality to play: children are often more relaxed and engaged during play, and it's enjoyable — all aspects that facilitate learning. But there are also cultural specifications to what play looks like when it's appropriate, and who children play with."

From these new highlights we can take away that creative, relaxing environments make learning more accessible, engaging and fun! These highlights shed light on how creativity is so important to everyone, no matter how small! So, on this day, make time to celebrate the power of your kiddo's curious minds, because one day they can change the world!

Check out our other article titled "Ways to appeal to your child's unique imagination" for specific recommendations and ideas you can try at home!

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