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20 New Year's resolutions for kids

Parenting is hard out of a pandemic but parenting in a pandemic is REALLY hard, and at times it has certainly put our parenting prowess to the test. - Kirsty Ketley, Parenting Expert

Welcome 2022, The New Year! A time of celebration, reflection, and a perfect opportunity to set new targets through New Year's resolutions. This is including yourself, and your children! Today, why don't you sit down with your child(ren) and ask them to write down some New Year's resolutions. Not only will this help develop their communication and handwriting skills, but it will also teach them about commitments and how to achieve goals they set.

So here are our 20 New Year's resolutions for kids;

  1. I will keep my room clean and tidy ( is a fantastic article about 'encouraging kids to start tidying up their own messes')

  2. I will make (or help make) my own bed every morning

  3. I will help cook dinner with my parents once a week ( a easy to follow recipe your kids will love to cook with you!)

  4. I will share my toys more with my siblings and friends

  5. I will practice my writing at home

  6. I will brush my teeth by myself every morning and night ( click here to see our guide on how to encourage children to brush their teeth)

  7. I will spend less time: watching TV, playing on the iPad, on the computer, playing video games etc.

  8. I will wash my hands after every use of the bathroom

  9. I will play outdoors more often (

  10. I will try one new food every week

  11. I will eat all vegetables given to me during a meal ( If a highly useful article which provides you with 8 easy ways to sneak vegetables into childrens meals)

  12. I want to do more painting and drawing at home and at nursery/school

  13. I want to play more sports at home and at school/sports clubs

  14. I want to learn how to write the alphabet (

  15. I want to learn how to read (

  16. I will clean up my toys when I'm done playing with them

  17. I will try to play a new musical instrument (, click here for a little guide on the best instruments for children to start to learn)

  18. I will visit the library

  19. I will finish 3 books

  20. I will read more

The options are endless, so include your children in the decision making process and have fun with it! Furthermore, here at Ducklings we provide fantastic resources online for free, so for example, if you do wish to develop your children's reading, we have an entire platform set up to help develop your children's love for reading! From free stories, to storytime videos of our amazing Ducklings team reading popular children's books, to dance and sing along videos, to worksheets and activities to download, print off, and do at home to practice writing and reading skills. Find all of this here;

We also have a ton of blog articles that emphasise the importance of reading, full of tips and tricks you can use in the future.

Likewise, we also have free resources regarding art and creativitiy, cooking and baking, gardening, recycling, at home activities to do and more on our activities and blog page!

Check out our other blogs, as we keep learning more together!

Love the Ducklings Team


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