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Whizzpopping Fun: 8 Creative Ways to Celebrate Roald Dahl Day

Every year on September 13th, fans of the beloved author Roald Dahl come together to celebrate Roald Dahl Day - the birthday of the beloved children's author. It's a day to honour the imaginative worlds, whimsical characters, and fantastic stories that Dahl has shared with generations of readers. If you're a fan or want to introduce your children to the magic of Roald Dahl, here are seven creative ways to celebrate this special day.

Roald Dahl Day Poster

1. Read Aloud Together

Start the day by picking up one of Roald Dahl's classic books, such as "Matilda," "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," or "The BFG." Gather the family and take turns reading passages aloud. Encourage your children to use different voices for the characters, making the experience even more engaging.

2. Costume Party

Roald Dahl's stories are filled with unforgettable characters. Have a Roald Dahl-themed costume party where each family member dresses up as their favourite character. Whether it's Willy Wonka's top hat or Matilda's red ribbon, everyone can join in on the fun.

3. Create a Dahl-Inspired Feast

Food plays a significant role in many of Dahl's books. Get creative in the kitchen and prepare a meal inspired by his stories. For example, make snozzcumbers from "The BFG," or create a chocolate river in honor of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Don't forget to share your delicious creations!

4. Movie Marathon

Roald Dahl's books have been adapted into some fantastic films. Organize a Roald Dahl movie marathon featuring adaptations like "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" or "The Witches." Prepare popcorn and snacks for a cosy family movie day.

5. Write a Dream Journal

In "The BFG," the Big Friendly Giant collects dreams. Encourage your children to keep a dream journal for the day, writing down their imaginative dreams, hopes, and wishes. This activity can spark creativity and inspire young writers.

6. Artistic Adventures

Roald Dahl's stories are filled with colourful illustrations. Get out the art supplies and let your children create their own Dahl-inspired artwork. They can draw their favourite characters, reimagine book covers, or even craft dream jars like in "The BFG."

7. Visit a Library or Bookstore

Roald Dahl Day is an excellent opportunity to visit your local library or bookstore. Explore the shelves and discover more of Dahl's books or other tales that spark your child's interest. Encourage them to select a new book to read together as a family.

8. Download the Roald Dahl Story Day Activity Pack for Titchy Toddlers! This can be downloaded via the website at:

A quick preview of this free book is below...

Roald Dahl's books continue to captivate the hearts and imaginations of readers of all ages. Celebrating Roald Dahl Day is a fantastic way to pay tribute to his literary legacy while creating memorable experiences with your family. Whether you're reading aloud, dressing up, or indulging in scrumptious treats, these creative ways to celebrate Roald Dahl Day will ensure a day filled with fun and imagination.


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