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Unleash the Fun: Preschool Activities for National Week of Play

The National Week of Play has finally arrived and we can't wait to celebrate the joy and benefits of play for preschool-aged children. As parents and educators, we understand the significance of play in promoting social, cognitive, and physical development. To make this week extra special, we have curated a list of engaging activities that will captivate preschoolers' imaginations and provide them with endless fun. Let's dive into these activities, and create lasting memories during the National Week of Play!

Children playing on a trampoline
  1. Sensory Play Sensations: Sensory play is not only enjoyable but also crucial for a child's development. Create sensory bins filled with coloured rice, water beads, or kinetic sand, allowing preschoolers to explore different textures and engage their senses.

  2. Imaginative Dramatic Play: Preschoolers love to immerse themselves in imaginative worlds through role-play. Set up themed dramatic play areas, such as a pretend kitchen or a doctor's office, complete with props and costumes.

  3. Outdoor Adventures and Nature Exploration: Outdoor play is vital for children's physical development and connection with nature. Organize nature walks, treasure hunts, or obstacle courses in the park, garden, or playground. Check out our free Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt sheets by clicking here.

  4. Artistic Expressions and Crafts: Preschoolers love getting their hands messy and exploring their creative side. Provide art supplies for activities like finger painting, collage making, or playdough sculpting. Include craft keywords like "easy preschool crafts" or "messy art projects" to enhance your search engine visibility. Check out our free Ducklings Artist resources by clicking here.

  5. Music and Movement Madness: Music and movement activities are a hit with preschoolers. Organize dance parties, introduce them to musical instruments, or encourage them to create their own rhythms and songs.

  6. Storytelling Adventures and Puppet Shows: Preschoolers love to listen to stories and engage in imaginative play. Set up a cosy reading corner with age-appropriate books and incorporate puppets for interactive storytelling.

The National Week of Play is the perfect time to celebrate and promote the significance of play in the lives of preschool-aged children. By engaging in these activities, we can provide preschoolers with meaningful experiences that support their development while having a blast.

"Play is education, especially for young children. Through play, they can learn about the importance of building positive connections in a fun and engaging way. In addition, play also teaches children how to express their feelings, manage emotions and learn to socialise. From examining different approaches to play from around the world to exploring play for all ages, this year’s event is all about celebrating the unifying nature of play. We hope that this year’s event will serve as a timely reminder that play is one thing that is always, and without exception, for everyone" - Early Years Alliance

We hope you have a fantastic National Week of Play, please feel free to share this article around with your friends, to spread the word and promote play!

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