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A parent's insight into living with Autism

A Mums perspective. Living with a very special little boy!

When I first started writing this blog, I thought I would tell you what autism is by saying it’s a condition that makes it harder for people on the spectrum to communicate, form relationships, and understand information about the world around them. These are just facts. Facts that you’ll find on the internet. However, nothing actually prepares you for what it's like living with someone with autism.

You might have heard this saying before, ‘ if you’ve met one person with autism you’ve met one person with autism’.

This is very true, as every person with autism is unique!

My son is 5 years old and non-verbal (no form of communication at all) he was also diagnosed with severe learning difficulties......

I could write about the fact that being an autistic mum made me feel lonely and depressed for years, and I could write about how I thought it was only happening to me.

I could write about how I looked at him and worried if I die, who's going to take care of him. I could write about the fact I've had hardly any sleep because he wakes up at 3 am smearing his faeces all over the room.

I could write about the play centres we can never go to because there are too many noises and things going on, that he’ll struggle to process it all.

I could write about the fact we get name called and stared at in the supermarket, just doing normal everyday things.

I could write about the never-ending appointments or the fact I will probably never hear him talk and it hurts.

I could write that Autism has robbed us of milestones and special moments I could write that I've grieved for the little boy that I dreamed about when I was pregnant.

What I will write I never knew how much I took the littlest things for granted till he was born and how the littlest milestones end up the biggest ones for us and that my boy is so much more than a diagnosis and I still see the ability rather than the label and they support out there and that true love needs no words and I wouldn’t have my world any other way!

Autism is like the galaxy; you could look at it and say: "that's a cold empty void". But when you look closer and get to know it you realise it's full of majestic stars, wonders & mystery

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