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Measles in Early Years Children

Measles is an infection that spreads very easily and can cause serious problems in some people. Having the MMR vaccine is the best way to prevent it. This article discusses measles in Early Years Children. In response to an increase in the spread of measles, please read the following information to stay up-to-date and educated on how to keep yourself, and your child, safe. The following video/gif provides you with all the information you'd need to know! Please take a minute or two to watch this,

15 mins with someone who had measles is enough time for the virus to be passed on. Measles can have serious and sometimes fatal consequences, so make sure you’re up to date with #MMR vaccinations, and ask your GP about catch up jabs if you need.
Measles Info Gif

Informative posters are also a fantastic tool to read over and share around with friends, so everyone stays the most up-to-date!

Two doses of the #MMR vaccine offer protection for life against #measles, #mumps and #rubella.  Are you and your loved ones protected? If you’re not sure, contact your GP about getting catch up Jabs. More info:
Advice to parents to vaccinate their children against measles, mumps, and rubella
If you’re planning to travel abroad during the school holidays, make sure to check your child is up to date with their vaccinations, including the #MMR vaccine. Contact your GP to book any catch up jabs before you travel
Check if your child's measles vaccinationss are up to date before travelling abroad this summer

There are currently several large measles outbreaks across Europe, with Romania, Italy, Germany and Greece being the worst affected countries; and there is a continued risk of imported cases highlighting the need to maximise efforts to achieve a 95% uptake of two doses of MMR to prevent spread. To prevent an outbreak in Manchester, Public Health England has advised health practitioners to actively target and encourage the uptake of the MMR vaccination in our Romanian community; we know it is below the 95% uptake level in this community. has provided a measles poster for Romanian-speaking parents/carers who may experience a language barrier. This can be downloaded below,

Download PDF • 230KB


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