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Is my child really ready to start Preschool?

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

At Ducklings we strive to create an outstanding, loving, caring atmosphere in a safe and friendly environment. Here is our checklist to assess whether your child is ready to start preschool - but please keep in mind every child is different, and even if all of these signs are not met, your child may still be ready for preschool.

1. Is your child confident to do things alone?

Younger children often suffer from separation anxiety as it is their first time away from mum or dad” - Tiara Swinson.

Although it may be a scary thought, if your child is willing to spend time away from their parents it will be much much easier for children to adapt to the preschool environment, and will not upset the other children. We recommend potentially leaving your child with another family member for a day out, or getting a babysitter for an afternoon, or even attending smaller sessions to start and test how comfortable your child is.

2. Is potty training a requirement?

At Ducklings, we understand every child is different - some learn faster than others. Because of this, we do NOT require your child to be potty trained. All we ask is for you to bring in spare clothing for your child to change into so we are prepared if accidents occur.

3. Is your child able to communicate with others?

Being able to communicate with others is a great skill to have, and will make sure your child’s experience at preschool is great! Being able to communicate with our lovely staff will provide your child comfort and ease, and being able to communicate with the other children will help your child socialise and make friends while away from home! One easy way to check if your child is comfortable communicating with others is by going to public parks and sharing the equipment, or going to public stores or libraries and asking your child to ask questions politely and to listen to others.

4. Can I afford to send my child to preschool?

Ducklings works with our local communities as much as possible, and we’re proud to say we offer Government Funded Sessions. To find more information on this we have useful guides, and links to your local council on our website under the Admissions Tab on

Children will learn how to compromise, be respectful, and problem solve. Preschool provides an environment for children to explore, gain a sense of self, play with peers and build self-confidence - Robert McClure.

In summary, Preschool is a highly valuable and educational resource for children. If you have any questions about how prepared your child is to start preschool, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask! We’re here to help however we can,

The Ducklings Team

Additional Resources

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