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How D'Ya Like Your Eggs In The Morning

Today, Let's learn about why eggs can help brain development in children.

Eggs are cheap, easy to cook and loaded with nutrients that are said to help children develop their intelligence and awareness.

The ‘superfood ’ contains many nutrients, such as, choline, vitamin B12, selenium and protein, which can all help with the brain development and cognitive function of a child.

Choline, in particular, has shown in many studies that it can help towards a child’s ability to learn, think, reason, remember, solve problems, make decisions and remain attentive.

A large hard-boiled egg has about 147 mg of choline. According to Vincent Iannelli, a certified paediatrician for over 20 years, the recommended intake for children is:

  • 150 mg daily = 7 months to 1 year

  • 200 mg daily = 1 to 3 years

  • 250 mg daily = 4 to 8 years

So, one or two eggs a day will meet the recommended choline requirement for younger children.

According to NHS, the best way to have eggs is either boiled or poached. Basically, frying eggs add 50% extra fat so even if you decide to scramble, it would probably be better to keep the oil to a minimum.

Things to look out for:

  • Free-range and organic eggs are the most healthy

  • Check the best before date (usually, eggs have a shelf life of 28 days)

  • Always make sure the yolk is cooked all the way through to avoid any food poisoning risks

Speaking of risks, it’s important to note the downside that is always associated with eggs, which is cholesterol. Long story short, if your child is healthy and isn’t under any special cholesterol-based diet provided by a doctor, eggs are safe to consume.

The NHS say:

“If a GP or health professional has told you to watch your cholesterol levels, your priority should be to cut down on saturated fat across your diet.

If you are eating a balanced diet, you only need to cut down on eggs if you have been told to do so by a GP or dietitian.”

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