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Complete Eurovision Party Pack for Preschoolers & Children 2023!

The Eurovision Song Contest of 2023 will be held in England, specifically Liverpool this year! Starting on the 9th of May, and the grand final taking place on Saturday the 13th of May, we can't wait - and we hope you are excited to watch it with your family too! To make this event even more memorable, we'd designed and collected a ton of FREE resources for you to download and use at home; From scorecards to point boards to colouring in sheets and more, you'll find all of these in this article below!

Printable Score Paddles - 8 different designs!

Provided by Ducklings, download yours by clicking the box below, print them off, laminate them, and stick them to some lollypop sticks to use at home!

Eurovision Score Paddles
Download PDF • 379KB

Design a Eurovision Costume Activity Sheet

Provided by BBC Teach Live and, these colouring-in sheets make for a complete Eurovision party pack !

Download PDF • 346KB
Eurovision design a costume free download printable activity sheet

Semi-Final Scorecards Provided by, are two semi-final scorecards,

Download PDF • 853KB
Download PDF • 721KB

Sweepstake Posters Provided by the BBC, are these two sweepstake posters,

Download PDF • 6.25MB

Eurovision Stage Colouring in Activity Sheet

Provided by BBC Teach Live and

Stage Colouring in sheet
Download PDF • 552KB
Eurovision colouring in sheet activity

European Countries Flags and Background Packs Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Download ZIP • 28.09MB

Eurovision Bunting Download your printable colourful Eurovision Bunting by clicking the file below!

Eurovision bunting
Download PDF • 62KB


You can watch the final live on BBC One from 8pm (BST). If this is too late for your child, simply wait and watch the show on Sunday instead on the BBC iPlayer!

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