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DIY: Scarily spectacular Halloween costumes and decorations.

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

It is officially that time of the year, where we are counting the pennies for Christmas, but Halloween is also just around the corner. So, I have decided to write about ways in which you can still have a spooktacular outfit, and your home can be just as spooky too! As a child, I used to love trick or treating. I remember running home from school in order to put my budget-friendly outfit on. It would often consist of black bin-liners, witches hats, broomsticks, and pumpkin sweet tubs. I also recall picking up a cheap pair of knee socks too, to complement the costume. It was all collected from cheap stores. There was one year, with adult supervision, of course, I had a velvet red cape, with a stitched hood. I would use red lipstick to draw on some blood, around my mouth and then cover my eyelids in black eyeliner. Halloween is a wonderful time of year for children. Understandably, some children do not love to dress up and that's perfectly okay too. Dressing up is not for every child, especially those with Autism. Though, that shouldn't mean they should miss out on the experience of Halloween. And for that reason, I will conclude my article with tips and alternative ways in which you can make it just as ghastly, whilst taking into consideration your child's preferences and sensory stimulus. Wizard/Witch Style Hat Link:

This video was very child-friendly, other than the use of scissors. They used materials that are cheap to purchase, and it is a design that can be very custom made for your child's preference. If they want to be a wizard, they could add some paper stars and glitter. Or they could become a princess and the paper can be a more light-hearted colour and decorate the hat itself with pompoms and sparkles. I thought this activity would be perfect, to help them express their personality, character, and most certainly get stuck in! Kids love it when they can get their hands dirty, covered in glue, and even just become involved in something. It also allows them to tell their friends about it and scream about how they made the item themselves. Again, this helps with making friends and their overall social and motor skills.

DIY Kids Costumes

This tutorial is perfect for those parents who are perhaps on a budget or against the clock. She explains alternative ways you can use products and where they can be brought from a very low price. I find costumes like this much more fun, to make and definitely exciting for the children too, especially if they can get involved in certain aspects of the designing process. I loved her enthusiasm and bargain hunting ways.

Sensory Friendly Costumes

This website is packed with lots of knowledge on Autism, including dietary ideas. I loved how the costume ideas were simple to make too, as well as the alternative methods. The tone used was very friendly-orientated and easy to follow. Why not give them a go and tag the author on social media or tell them you found their video off a Ducklings Blog Article? I'm sure they'd be delighted to hear about how you took their suggestions on board!

DIY Halloween Decorations

She made it really simple to follow, with the step-by-step guide. I personally loved the wall decoration at the beginning of the tutorial. The materials used were often something we would have lying around at home in a kitchen cupboard perhaps or easy to collect at nearby stores at low prices. This definitely made the video more appealing.

DIY Sensory Activities Link:

This tutorial was really fun to watch, and I particularly enjoyed the idea of having a spider web box. I loved how the channel catered for all different ages as well as capabilities, in terms of motor skills for example. Their enthusiasm was fantastic, and the alternative methods were also intriguing to make.

Happy Halloween!

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