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EYFS : What does it stand for?

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

What does EYFS stand for?

Early Years Foundation Stage is a set of standards for the learning, development, and care of your child from birth to five years old! All schools and Ofsted-registered early years providers (including Ducklings Preschool) must follow the EYFS. But let’s dive in a little deeper to better understand EYFS

First, the areas of learning

Your child will mostly be taught through games and play!

The areas of learning are:

  • Communication and language

  • Physical development

  • Personal, social, and emotional development

  • Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Understanding the world

  • Expressive arts and design

Secondly, let’s discuss assessments

Your child’s progression will be reviewed when they’re between the age of 2 to 3, which will be performed by an early years practitioner or health visitor. After this, their class teacher will assess them, towards the end of the school year, when they turn 5.

However, please don’t be worried! These assessments are based on classroom observation - your child will not be asked to perform any sort of tests. If you would like to see the framework used, the statutory framework for the early year's foundation stage can be found on the Government’s website here;

Thirdly, if any area of learning which arises is in conflict with your beliefs, whether that be religious or philosophical beliefs, please talk to your child’s early years provider at Ducklings. For more information regarding this, please check out the Government’s website here;

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