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20 Creative Indoor at-Home Activities for Young Children: Perfect for Winter

With the cold weather starting, and winter nearly on our doorsteps, we've created a list of 20 creative indoor activities for young children to do at home, which are both fun and educational!

children playing indoors on the couch

Here are some unique ideas:

  1. Indoor Camping: Set up a makeshift campsite in the living room with blankets and pillows. Share campfire stories and enjoy indoor s'mores.

  2. DIY Art Gallery: Let kids create their own unique art and then hang it up around the house. Have a "gallery opening" where they explain their pieces, and even invite friends around to have an art sale!

  3. Homemade Science Experiments: Perform simple science experiments like making volcanoes with baking soda and vinegar or growing crystals. Lots of tutorials can be found on Youtube! Just see which one your child would be the most engaged with, and go from there.

  4. Indoor Obstacle Course: Create a safe obstacle course using pillows, cushions, and furniture for a fun physical challenge. You won't regret it!

  5. Kitchen Adventures: Cook or bake together. Let them decorate cookies, make mini-pizzas, or create their own sandwiches. We recommend browsing through social media for inspiration.

  6. Puppet Show: Encourage storytelling and imagination with a puppet show using homemade puppets or stuffed animals.

  7. Music and Dance Party: Have a dance-off or play musical instruments together. Create your own band and put on a performance you all will never forget! Maybe even level this idea up with making some rock and roll makeovers and wear some costumes while 'on stage'!

  8. Storytime Theater: Act out stories from their favourite books, complete with costumes and props.

  9. Indoor Treasure Hunt: Create a treasure map and hide items around the house for them to find.

  10. DIY Science Lab: Conduct simple, safe experiments at home, like making slime or exploring the properties of water.

  11. Build a Fort: Use blankets, cushions, and pillows to construct epic forts. Perfect for reading, games, or quiet time.

  12. Educational Games: Engage in fun, educational games like scavenger hunts, memory games, or puzzles.

  13. Shadow Play: Use a flashlight to make shadow puppets on the wall or ceiling.

  14. Learning with Technology: Use educational apps or websites that offer interactive games and puzzles.

  15. Indoor Gardening: Teach them about plant care by growing herbs or small potted plants indoors.

  16. Home Movie Theater: Create your own movie theater experience with popcorn, dimmed lights, and their favorite films.

  17. Yoga for Kids: Introduce simple yoga poses and mindfulness exercises to promote physical activity and relaxation.

  18. Balloon Volleyball: Set up a "volleyball" game using a balloon. It's safe, fun, and great for indoor play.

  19. Family Talent Show: Showcase your children's talents and encourage creativity with a family talent show.

  20. Building with Recyclables: Use cardboard boxes, egg cartons, and other recyclables to create unique structures and crafts.

These indoor activities not only provide entertainment but also stimulate creativity, problem-solving, and learning in a fun and engaging way.


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