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Ducklings Readers

Reading can be fun! So to help, on this page you'll find
storytime videos, book reviews, articles, blog posts,  and more regarding reading! 

Story Books - Full stories, free to read. Joana Ribokaite, Ducklings newest freelance writer, loves to write stories that follow the lives of various animals. These can be found by clicking on the titles below:

Storytime - Videos of the amazing Ducklings team reading your favourite books!

Dance and Sing along to - Videos of the amazing Ducklings team singing out great stories and songs. Come join and dance along!

Activities - Let's put your reading and writing skills to the test!

Articles - Research on why reading is so key, especially for children! 

Learning can still be fun! So let's continue reading at home, with these activity worksheets: The missing letter activity, tracing letter activity, and label the body part activity.

Ducklings Readers - The Missing Letter
Ducklings Readers - Body Part Activity
Ducklings Readers - Tracing Letters
Classroom Items - Ducklings readers
Days of the week - Ducklings readers
Spot the letters - Ducklings readers

Become more familiar with the alphabet by downloading and colouring these letter sheets and identifying the items around them.

Letter A Worksheet - Ducklings Readers
Letter B - Ducklings Readers Activity

Come listen to Mr Tim read We're going on a bear hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury while sitting at the beautiful Shenley's allotment!

Click here 

we're going on a bear hunt book cover

Come listen to Miss Tasha read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle!  Click here

the very hungry caterpillar book cover

Come listen to the lovely Wendy read The Three Little Pigs by Mara Alperin while sitting at the Shenley allotment! Click here

three little pigs book cover

Listen to Miss Lisa read Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Mara Alperin and Kate Daubery! Click here

goldilocks and the three bears book cover

Come listen to Ali Duck read Kipper and the Blue Balloon by Mike Inkpen!  Click here

the blue balloon book cover

Come listen to Miss Steph read The Gruffalo by Eric Carle!  Click here

gruffalo book

Come listen to Miss Steph read The Gruffalo's Child by Eric Carle!  Click here

the gruffalos child book cover

Come listen to Ali Duck read Little Rabbit Foo Foo!  Click here

little rabbit foo foo book cover
penny the penguin Book cover
timmy and turtle book cover
Bumble Bee

Article: 10 Reasons Why Reading Is Important for Children

Fantastic article by Annabelle Short, please find it here:

Children Reading

Fantastic article written by Charlotte Walters on our Blog, about the importance of reading, and how to encourage your child to love reading more at home, please find it here.

Girl reading
Boy reading
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