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Ducklings Artists

Art is a huge factor within the Ducklings environment. Painting with young children helps with their creative development whilst stimulating their brains. 
Children are exposed to various creative opportunities within their messy play and art areas, to allow free expression and to develop their creativity! 

Fun activities to try at home 

Fancy playing with play-doh but don't have any at home? Make your own easily! Just mix together these ingredients, and play! Simple as that.
flour (1 cup)
salt (1/2 cup)
cream of tartar (2 tsp)
vegetable oil (1 tbsp)

water (1 cup)

food colouring (whatever colours you'd like) 

Playdough Recipe

All that's needed for this is a large tray/bowl, shaving cream, and paint! Fill the tray up with the cream, add dots of paint, and let your child explore how colours to mix, while making art and having amazing fun! 

Yellow Slime Fun

All you need is a plain plant pot and paint, and let your creativity take over!
For more gardening themed ideas to do at home click here.

pot painting activity

Whether it collecting pieces while going for a walk, or simply exploring your back garden. This activity combines nature with art, and children love it! Feel free to also incorporate paint into the collage, to make it even more fun.

Child painting making an art collage

Build these fun jellyfish and spend the day learning and discovering marine life! All you need are paper plates, yarn and coloured string, paint, and scissors. For more instructions Click here .

DIY Jellyfish activity

Learning doesn't just happen at school, why not print off these flashcards and use them at home to further learn about cooking and food! Download them here.

Colours Flashcard Sheet
Shapes Flashcard Sheet

Fancy doing some colouring or painting, but not sure what? Print off these worksheets and have fun! Make sure to keep an eye out for new ones too.
Download the "Quack, quack" and the "Hello, Spring!" worksheets here.

Quack Quack Colouring Worksheet
Red and Gray Flowers and Butterfly

Say goodbye to the rain and roll on the summer with this fun activity! Make a rain cloud suncatcher at home this week. All that’s needed are a few supplies, and you’ve got a creative activity to say goodbye to the rainy clouds. Not only is this activity fun and requires few suppliers, but it also improves their fine motor skills! 
For a video explaining how to make this at home click here.

rain cloud suncatcher activity
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